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"We believe the process works, but it's the consultant behind the sleep plan that makes the sleep plan a success" - Beth & Liam

I’ve helped parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. My own experiences inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here’s what a few of them have to say!

We cannot begin to tell you how much Jessica helped our 11-month old twin girls. Although they were pretty good sleepers throughout the evening, they had a very inconsistent nap schedule. We had also become quite comfortable with bottling and rocking our babies to sleep in our living room each time they needed to go down and then swiftly transporting them into their cribs as quiet as possible, with the hopes of not waking the other baby up (I still have nightmares thinking about this method that we were using, as I type it out!). Jessica met with us, explained to us how twins required a bit more training and time to adjust and adapt to eachother’s schedules and then designed a customized plan that not only worked for them, but worked for our busy schedule as well. We needed a plan that not only we could follow, but one that worked for the girl’s babysitter as well, as we both had been back to work. Jessica was there for us, explaining everything very patiently through zoom consult, phone calls, group text messages, whenever we needed her (and we needed her A LOT!), she was there for us in a very calm manner. And then it happened: on the very first night we already saw improvements! The babies both went to sleep in their cribs, on their own, in the same room at the same time. That hadn’t happened since they were 1 month old. On the fourth night they slept from 7:00pm without making a sound, then again until 7:30am. We couldn’t believe it had worked so fast for them. We had some bumps on the road, especially with naps but now our 12 month old twins sleep by themselves, in their own cribs, from 7:00pm -7:00am most nights without making a sound. And no more rocking or feeding to fall asleep! Our advice is… If you are sleep deprived and unsure what to do anymore, give Jess a call so she can explain a bit about how she works. We were reluctant on the “leaving the baby to cry” part (who isn’t?) but after talking to her we understood this is NOT how she works. Crying is part of it, but we are giving our babies the opportunity to train an ability they will use for life: the capacity of falling asleep by themselves! They get confident of this ability very quickly, and then the crying stops as soon as they know what to do. For us, this was in less than 4 nights (and 8 naps)! Thank you Jess for all the help and patience. You were there with us every step of the way and we cannot thank you enough. I know you will have many years of great success with this business and we look forward to watching you grow.
Danielle and Mark Patterson

Audrey & Sophie's Mom & Dad

We are a family with three children. Luke, our twelve month old son, is our third, and we were exhausted. I saw one of Jessica’s posts online and I immediately felt the need to reach out to her. She did an initial phone call to discuss and determine what package was best suited for our family, and we went from there. I filled out a sleep questionnaire, and we had a virtual meeting to go over the plan we were going to put in place for Luke. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous to sleep train because all I had envisioned was a cry it out method, and I knew that would be something I would never be able to implement. We also were in disbelief that we would be getting any sort of sleep within two weeks of sleep training. I was SO happy when Jessica rolled out the plan, and that it was a very gentle approach. I specifically loved how the program caters to your comfort level and the support you get from Jessica is unbelieveable – it really gave us the confidence and reassurance that we could do it. My only regret is not reaching out to her sooner. Jessica has been invaluable to our family. We are so thankful to have been able to work with her, and to get to know her. Because of her, we are getting the sleep we didn’t think was possible to get- it has been quite literally, life changing. Thank you Jessica!
Christina & Brad

Luke's Mom & Dad

We just finished our last night with Jessica and I can’t say enough about how much our lives have changed! As second time parents we thought we had a handle on sleep until our little girl hit 3.5 months. She was waking almost every hour and taking cat naps throughout the day. We reached out to Jessica and our first consultation with her left us with hope and confidence that we’d all soon be getting some much needed rest. Jessica created a plan tailored specifically to our needs and the developmental age of the baby to help our little one gain the critical skills needed to fall and stay asleep. Jessica’s support and wisdom throughout this process was essential to our success. Her check ins made us feel heard, encouraged and optimistic. She challenged us when we needed to be challenged and cheered us on when it was time to celebrate a win (big or small). We now have a routine that allows us to anticipate and plan our day, time to enjoy our little ones, time together as a couple, and most importantly a happy, well rested baby!
Jenna & Allen

Billie's Mom & Dad

It’s hard to adequately describe how valuable Jessica’s guidance has been throughout this experience! Our daughter Violet had always been a really great sleeper until we transitioned her from the bassinet in our room into the crib in her nursery. She struggled to consistently get a restful nights sleep. When we saw what Jessica was offering we thought it could be something really helpful for our family! From the very beginning we felt totally comfortable and at ease being in Jessica’s capable hands! Even the little things, like always calling Violet by name in any form of communication, let us know she genuinely cared. Jessica created a step by step plan catered specifically to Violet’s age and development and what we were comfortable with. Right away we could see a change as we watched our little babe learn the skills she needed for a peaceful sleep. Jessica’s wisdom and kindness throughout this journey truly made all the difference! She was there for every question, concern and achievement all the while being so reassuring and encouraging. Jessica cheered us on every step of the way and we knew she was genuinely happy for our success! She took the guesswork out of everything and is so knowledgeable on the complex science of baby sleep! We are so thankful to have had Jessica guiding our family to a consistent and peaceful nights sleep!
Janine & Derek

Violet's Mom & Dad

Jessica gave us something we lacked for 10 months - a good nights sleep. But not only that, Jessica gave us the confidence to help our baby build healthy sleep skills for life! Jessica was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the process, she was able to combine her education and expertise in childhood development and sleep science together with her experience being a mom and mom supporter to answer all of our questions and educate us about the benefits of providing our son with a solid sleep foundation. She was understanding to our fears and challenges and took a true and genuine interest in our family to help us achieve our goals- even if that meant holding us, as parents, accountable to our commitments to the sleep plan. Jessica’s guidance and support was monumental to lead us through the process. We relied on her encouraging and positive check ins to get through hard nights and feel validated and assured that we were on the right track. We believe the process works, but it’s the consultant behind the sleep plan makes the sleep plan a success. Jessica helped us to achieve in days what we were not able to do in months.
With gratitude, Beth & Liam Gillis

Aulay's Mom & Dad

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